Saturday in Hillbilly Heaven

Mr Jimmy Willing and Event board

The Northern Rivers Hotel Beer Garden

Corner of Bridge & Terania Streets
North Lismore, Australia
Live In Hillbilly Heaven
Direct from Austin Texas
Luna Tart
The Candy Apples
Jim – Bob
1pm Saturday Avro 15th of October
Northern Rivers Hotel Beer Garden North Lismore

Ukelele Queens Live In Heaven

Luna Tart is the creation of Austin Texas based musician, actor and puppeteer Laura Freeman. Luna is reminiscent of a chanteuse from the 1930’s with a voice that goes from a shimmer to a growl and lyrics that will hit you right in your lonely little heart!

The Candy Apples are Zardi O’Connell, Li’ Fi and Andrea Soler, 3 gals 2 ukeleles and divine harmonies. Just beautiful.

Jim-Bob are Jimmy Willing & Davey Bob Ramsey. Bob Ramsey is an obsessive archivist of early american folk and blues, he knows when it happened and who it happened to. Jimmy Willing on the other hand is an obsessive talker who can ramble on for hours like a briar bush, he’s not sure exactly when it happened and to whom but as a long tall story teller he has never let this get in the way of his art.

Should be a blast. Come along for lots of heartbreakin’ tunes.

Sweet September Sounds

Heidi Holland began her career as a backup singer in an Elvis tribute show.

Heidi has majored in vocal studies at Southern Cross University, which has led her to Lismore’s Conservatorium where she currently teaches.

Raised on Dolly Parton and Aretha Franklin, this saucy kitten will have you looking for rainbows and chasing butterflies.

Don’t miss Heidi’s performance at Lismore’s Twilight Market this Saturday from 2pm.

Hillbilly Heaven

Looking for something to do this Saturday, September 10 · 1:00pm – 6:00pm? Well come on down to The Northern Rivers Hotel Lismore Corner of Bridge & Terania Streets North Lismore for Live in Hillbilly Heaven
Jimmy Willing & The Real Gone Hick-Ups

Swamp Town

Mr Curley

All for FREE!

Live In Hillbilly Heaven is a meeting place for folk and country music enthusiasts and features some of the finest live music for miles around. This time the lineup features the country blues of Mr Pat Curley, the old time love songs of Swamp Town, and of course Jimmy Willing’s very own cow punk outfit The Real Gone Hick-Ups.

Born with a big name to live up to, Mr Curley has a deep love of Country Blues, the black rural music of the Mississippi Delta. After the 1927 flood of The Mississippi, Country Blues travelled north to Chicago where it became electrified and birthed a baby named Rock & Roll. Mr Curley’s music traces this journey.

The latest sensation to float upon the muddy waters of North Lismore is Swamp Town. Claudie Frock, Alan Usher and Rohan Langford found their way to each other on rafts built of swampy love songs and moonshine where the mouths of two rivers kiss. They’ve been playing the blues and originals with an old-timey feel ever since.

Jimmy Willing will be strapping on his spurs and pulling his hat down hard when he saddles up his band, The Real Gone Hick-Ups and lets them loose from the chute. Clancy Robinson on drums, Nirvana Glassey on double bass and Davey Bob Ramsey on the guitars.

The Northern Rivers Hotel will host this event in their pleasant beer garden. God willing the sun will shine, but the gig will go ahead regardless. So harness up yer horses, crank up your rust bucket trucks and ride on over to the North Side where you’ll find Hillbilly Heaven!

Sweet Sounds


Tim Stokes

We are very lucky this month to have Tim Stokes playing the market. Tim writes songs that are earthy, insightful, tales from his colorful, charismatic life. Much inspiration is gained from his travels through Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and Asia. Grouped with his interest in humanity and the human mind, has allowed him to come to his place as a singer/songwriting artist.

Tim Stokes’ sound is a rootsy blend of ‘acoustic lounge funk’, ‘soul folk’, ‘surf country’ and ‘desert blues’. Influences include Paul Kelly, Ben Harper, John Butler, John Williamson, Dave Matthews Band and The Grateful Dead… come on down from 2pm on to hear Tim. August 27th.