Saturday in Hillbilly Heaven

Mr Jimmy Willing and Event board

The Northern Rivers Hotel Beer Garden

Corner of Bridge & Terania Streets
North Lismore, Australia
Live In Hillbilly Heaven
Direct from Austin Texas
Luna Tart
The Candy Apples
Jim – Bob
1pm Saturday Avro 15th of October
Northern Rivers Hotel Beer Garden North Lismore

Ukelele Queens Live In Heaven

Luna Tart is the creation of Austin Texas based musician, actor and puppeteer Laura Freeman. Luna is reminiscent of a chanteuse from the 1930’s with a voice that goes from a shimmer to a growl and lyrics that will hit you right in your lonely little heart!

The Candy Apples are Zardi O’Connell, Li’ Fi and Andrea Soler, 3 gals 2 ukeleles and divine harmonies. Just beautiful.

Jim-Bob are Jimmy Willing & Davey Bob Ramsey. Bob Ramsey is an obsessive archivist of early american folk and blues, he knows when it happened and who it happened to. Jimmy Willing on the other hand is an obsessive talker who can ramble on for hours like a briar bush, he’s not sure exactly when it happened and to whom but as a long tall story teller he has never let this get in the way of his art.

Should be a blast. Come along for lots of heartbreakin’ tunes.

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